The Strongcase desk safe provides security through sophistication

Solid material, fixed screw fastening & complete insurance

The Strongcase is also a perfect product in regard to security. Its value manifests in the material’s quality and processing. We are committed to the policy of zero-tolerance, even for the slightest errors. Each piece is hand checked by the master and approved only if it is perfect.


Stable screw fastening to the subsurface

The various fixation options provide additional security. The Strongcase stands on legs when placed in the bathroom, on a boat, or on a desk. However, there is the option of screwing it to a nightstand, display case, or closet and safely anchoring it to a firm base.

Should the Strongcase actually get lost or stolen, the desk safe as well as its valuable contents are insured up to a total of €150,000.

Perfection in processing provides security

For the Strongcase, security also means a solid case that is secured with a triple bolt lock. The Strongcase withstands extreme force and can even withstand a crowbar or a hammer drill for a significant amount of time. And its weight of about 10 kilograms with a size of about 30x15x15 centimeters makes it bulky enough so that no one could just pick it up and take it.

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