Desk safe Strongcase: The perfect place to store your valuables

Keep your favorite pieces safe and insured

There are some beautiful things that we prefer not to be apart from, whether it is at home or on the road. And if we do leave them, we at least want to keep them close. We want to know that our favorite watch or diamond necklace is stored safely. The bathroom cabinet is certainly not the right place for that. Strongcase as a transportable desk safe however provides that place. With its sturdy casing and its triple bolt lock, the desk safe prevents unauthorized access and can withstand any force.

The small and compact safe can also not be taken and carried off easily. Additionally, its bottom can be screwed to a baseplate.

And if it is somehow stolen, the safe – and everything in it – is insured, up to a total of €150,000. More information »

Information material Baselworld 2017
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Keep your valuable wristwatches safe and present them attractively.

Insurance in three steps (PDF) »

информация STRONGCASE
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Надежный и представительный. STRONGCASE – это элегантный настольный сейф для хранения дорогих наручных часов. Информационный проспект (.pdf)

Individually manufactured

Every Strongcase desk safe is unique, as we build the Strongcase according to your preferences: discreet, elegant, or modern. What colour, which size, what material do you want for your unique strongcase? Moreover we offer the opportunity to engrave the family coat of arms or company logo on the logo cover and more.

This spectrum of possibilities makes the Stongcase desk safe the ideal gift for the sophisticated collector.


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