It always starts with a good idea

Sascha Landowski, the inventor of Strongcase, is very successful as interim manager and as entrepreneur. However, as a collector of watches, he was annoyed that there is no appropriate way to store his valuable pieces. He did not want to store his watches in cheap plastic cases nor did he want to hide them in a big wall safe, where they are not spontaneously within reach. For a long time, there was not appropriate safe for his watches. Therefore, he invented one.

With his inventive tendency and the skill he inherited from his grandfather, who created true pieces of art as a locksmith, Sascha Landowski set to work. He created the first sketches in 2013, and the Strongcase was ready for production after over two years of hard work.

From 3D model to prototype

As a specialist of 3D graphics, it was natural for Sascha Landowski to initially create three dimensional models of the Strongcase. After much tinkering, the virtual models where implemented into reality and received their final touches. A labor-intensive and worthwhile process. After building ten different prototypes, Sascha Landowski and his trusted work shop in Berlin created the exact model that won over watch enthusiasts a hundred percent. A desk safe, who’s elegant alignment make it a piece of art and who’s quality is convincing.

At the end of the process: A perfect product

The Strongcase is now long past its developmental phase, and Sascha Landowski presents it at events all around the world. However, one thing has not changed since the prototype: Every Strongcase is still hand-made to ensure the excellent quality of each piece.

A strong idea - a courageous inventor

Three questions for Sascha Landowski, the brains behind the Strongcase

Sascha Landowski

Mr. Landowski, how did you get the idea to invent a desk safe?
It’s simple, my grandfather bequeathed a rare and valuable watch to me, a valuable piece which I like to show. However, that is not my only watch. And since I change watches regularly, there is always the question, where can I put my watches? I would like to have them close and handy but still store them safely. Hiding them in a classic safe was out of the question for me, the watch would somehow be “organized away”. I did not want that.

I am sure a lot of people can relate. But still, not everyone becomes an inventor…
Crafting is in my blood. My grandfather was an art locksmith, and I inherited his proclivity for craftsmanship. After I noticed that there was no satisfactory solution to my problem, I started to tinker. The Strongcase solution became apparent quickly; a small strongbox, almost as secure as a safe. Solid, with the possibility to be securely screwed on to something, and with an insurance, it is a great solution for owners of valuable pieces, whether watches, jewelry, coins, or other valuables.

And the safe is not only a safe container but also very esthetically pleasing…
Exactly. That is what makes it special. Such a special packaging underlines the value of the contents once more. People who want to amaze their guests should present their treasures in this “treasure box”. It doubles the wow effect. I notice it with my prototype, which often catches people’s attention.

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