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Storing watches and jewelry safely and insured

Elegant setting for your valuables

Nice watches are small works of art and high-quality craftsmanship. The Strongcase desk safe, with its shapely design and elegant inner workings, is the right place to lock away those masterpieces.

In addition, it is the perfect way of presenting them. The high-quality wooden inlay provides space for up to three watches. So, if you are going to the opera after a business meeting, simply grab the watch that you would like to wear. Or with jewelry, the Strongcase is also the perfect home for a diamond and pearl necklace.

Safely lock away watches and jewelry

The Strongcase provides many advantages: You have your treasures close by at all times. The drive to the deposit box or the walk to the strong room are no longer required, which is very convenient. And the Strongcase provides security: As a desk safe for watches and jewelry, it is so small and compact that there is space for it in any bedroom, living room or office, where it can be screwed to a base plate. While traveling, you can stow it in your suitcase and always take it with you: to the hotel, on the boat, or to your vacation home.

And wherever you are with the Strongcase, everything in it is insured up to a total of €150,000.

A unique item of the highest quality

All Strongcase desk safes are hand-made

The Strongcase desk safe will not only win you over with its functionality and distinctive design but even more so with its premium quality. And not without reason: Each of our compact safes is manufactured by experienced master craftsmen in a Berlin manufactory. The high-precision production process starts with the development of the design, the construction and assembly of the body, and ends with the adaption of the inlays, which is available in different types of wood – also handmade of course. The Strongcase: Each one is a unique item made in Germany.

True Craftsmanship turns the safe into a gem

The excellent quality is expressed in the details: Exquisite and high-quality materials guarantee perfect function and longevity. The body is made of solid aluminum and equipped with a fixed, painted shell. The strong safe lock is built upon seven mounting brackets and has a reinforcing drill protection, made from hard manganese steel. The solid door can be opened and closed comfortably, precisely, and effortlessly thanks to a special spring compensate.

Since many of our customers do not want to part from their desk safe while doing motor sports or yachting, the lock is protected from damages from vibrations with the transport protection “Shock save”. All mechanical parts can easily be replaced and serviced by a certified specialist workshop.

Handmade: Every piece is unique

As every Strongcase is crafted by hand, we can customize the safe in design and features per the customer’s wishes: You can choose the size, form, color, surface finish, special features, and type of wood for the inlays of your desk safe.

Individually manufactured to suit your preferences

Strongcase desk safes are ideal gifts for collectors

Every Strongcase desk safe is unique, as we build the Strongcase according to your preferences: discreet, elegant, or modern. What color or surface finish fits with your interior decoration? What size should your desk safe be? The interior can also be geared to the respective piece of jewelry: from velvet and silk to precious woods, we offer various materials. And depending on whether you want to store your jewels, watches, coin collection, or data carriers and passbooks, we can craft individual forms of inlays.

Jan Hesselberg - Koralle

A small safe to your specifications

Of course we can customize your Strongcase: We offer the opportunity to engrave the family coat of arms or company logo on the logo cover. The lock, keys, and logo cover may also be gold-plated.

Moreover you can choose between different inserts – for watches, jewelery, keys, precious coins, champagne bottles, ampoules and even protective items such as external data carriers or credit cards.

The perfect gift for watch collectors

This spectrum of possibilities makes the Stongcase desk safe the ideal gift for the sophisticated collector: Someone who pays a lot of money for their watches wants to be sure that they are safe. It is also about a sentimental value: If you collect something unique, there might not be a second piece anywhere in the world. The Strongcase is a real eye-catcher that stands out in every respect. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to the treasure that it holds.

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